Smacky Cars

Game Name:

Smacky Cars


Capedy LLC
Based in Miami, FL, USA

Release date:

April 3, 2014


iOS, Android



Experience the thrill and extreme challenge of the most addicting game to come along since Flappy Bird. This retro pixel art race car game puts you in control as you use one touch controls to dodge speeding cars. But don't let the fun pixel graphics fool you, this car game is a challenge!


  • Fun Retro Pixel Graphics
  • Simple One Touch Controls
  • Like Flappy Bird, But For Cars!

How To Play

Tap LEFT or RIGHT to switch lanes. It's simple, challenging and very addicting.


Download Google Android Screenshots (887KB)
Download 4 Inch Retina Display Screenshots (426KB)
Download 3.5 Inch Retina Display Screenshots (477KB)
Download iPad Air Screenshots (1.24MB)
Download various graphics (logo, icon, etc) (436KB)


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